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When consent of the parties to the contract is caused by mistake, there is no free consent. It is quite possible that the both the parties have different misunderstanding or misapprehensions about some facts relating to the agr...
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“Misrepresentation” means and includes (1) The positive assertion, in a manner not warranted by the information of the person making it, of that which is not true, though he believes it to be true; (2) Any breach of duty wh...

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The term fraud includes all intentional or willful misrepresentation of facts which are material for the formation of a contract. The most important thing in fraud is the intention to fraud the other party which distinguishes i...

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Undue influence

  (i) A contract is said to be induced by “undue influence” where the relations subsisting between the parties are such that one of the parties is in a position to dominate the will of the other and uses that position ...
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“Coercion” is the committing or threatening to commit, any act forbidden by the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860), or the unlawful detaining, or threatening to detain, any property, to the prejudice of any person whatever, wit...


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