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Contract of Indemnity says that it is a contract under which one party promises to save the other party in the contract from loss caused to him by the conduct of the promisor himself, or by the conduct of any other person. Acco...
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Termination of agency by operation of law

i.            Perofrmnace of contract- the most obvious mode of putting an end to the agency is to do what the agent has undertaken to do. Where the agency is for a particular object; then it is terminated when the o...

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Termination of agency by act of parties

i.            Agreement:- the relation of principal and agent like any other agreement may be terminated at any time and at any stage by the mutual agreement between the principal and the agent. ii.         ...

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Relation of principal / agent, subagent and substituted agent

Sub agent– a sub agent is a person employed by, and acting under the control of, the original agent, in the business of the agency. The relation of the sub agent to the original agent is as between themselves, that of the...
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creation of agency

The relationship of principal and agency may arise- By express agreement; By implied agreement; By ratification; By operation of law.   BY EXPRESS AGREEMENT:-  the authority of an agent may be expressed or implied. Normal...


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