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Pledge or pawn is a contract whereby an article is deposited with a lender of money or promisee as security for the repayment of a loan or performance of a promise. The bailor or depositor is called the “Pawnor” and...
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Duties of bailor

The bailor is entitled to following duties: (a) The bailor must disclose all the known faults in the goods; and if he fails    to do what, he will be liable for any damage resulting directly from the faults. For example:  A...

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Duties of Bailee

The bailee owes following duties in lieu of the goods bailed: (a) The bailee must take as much care of the goods bailed to him as a man of ordinary prudence would take under similar circumstances of his own goods of the same bu...

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A bailment is a contract of transaction where one person in a contractual relationship delivers goods to another person for some purpose, upon a contract that they are, when the purpose is accomplished to be returned or otherwi...
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Rights of Surety

A surety has certain rights against the creditor, the principal debtor and the co-securities that are: Surety’s rights against the creditor: A surety is entitled to the benefit of every security which the creditor has aga...


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