Posted October 6, 2013 by advocateguru in Learning Centre

Directive Principle of State Policy

The DPSP has been borrowed from Irish Constitution. Although none can go and enforce the DPSP in the court of law, it is an obligation upon the states to ensure the DPSPs are followed. They fundamental in governance and hence cannot be ignored while making law. Many Supreme Court judgements have reiterated that the fundamental rights and the DPSP should be read harmoniously and then interpreted.

The DPSP majorly talks of socio-economic rights of the citizens which are very much essential. However, in a country like India which is still developing the people cannot be promised blindly that all will be given economic and all social benefits and security since we still have much to achieve. Hence, these rights are not enforceable. However, they cannot be totally neglected and with doctrine of harmonious construction most of the rights have been interpreted through the fundamental rights and hence been acknowledged.