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Advocate Guru online mock test CLAT is becoming more and more competetive . Advocate Guru online Mocks have been desgined to prepare you with knowledge and skill to handle CLAT . You can enhance your chances only though enromous pratice . To place you in Winning League , Advocate Guru offers you an online Package of :

1. 20 Mock Modeled on CLAT pattern.

(A) Each Mock paper has been meticulously set by the the expeienced Advocate Guru faculty team taking into account the recent trends in CLAT .

 (B)  The tests are timed to Simulate real test experience .

 2. 10  Mocks on on NLU Delhi Exam and 10 Mocks on Symbosis Pattern.

 (C) In the last of Mock Test series we provide 4 Mock Test based on CLAT and which gives your national ranking .

 3. (A) Compilation of potential information on current affairs.

(B) Quiz Corner

(C) Articles on Cracking CLAT 


Price : Rs 2000/-

Note : For more information mail us on :








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